RaPo is a freeware application for the preparation and execution of cycleball and cylepolo competitions. It supports simple and complex tournaments as well as whole leagues.

In addition, the athletes and teams of a club can be managed and register on league seasons and tournaments can be created.
An interface to Cycleball.eu offers the possibility of publishing the results live.

RaPo is available on multiple plattforms such like Windows, Linux and MacOS-X.



The Version fixes problems in the audience display and improves data export to Cycleball.eu.


The Version is available for download with some bugfixes and the following improvements.
  • The clock inside theĀ  public scoreboard was enlarged.
  • The team names can be adjusted individually for each competition.
  • Names can be assigned to the games, using the contextmenu.



This detailed documentation is part of the download and available as online-help.

At this point you have the opportunity to take a look at the functionality and usability of the application before downloading it.


The tutorials are intended to help you get started with the software, but they are not intended as a substitute for the extensive documentation for the individual programs.


System requirements

Hardware requirements:
CPU: Intel: Pentium(R) -M, 4
AMD: Opteron, Athlon 64
RAM: min. 256 MB
Discspace: 100 MB
Display: min. 800x600 resolution
1024x768 recommended

Operating system:
Windows 32: min. XP
Windows 64: min. Windows 10
Linux 32: min. Kernel 3.13 (Ubuntu 14.04)
Linux 64: min. Kernel 3.13 (Ubuntu 14.04)
MacOS: min. OS 10.12 (Sierra)
Android: min. Version 2.1 (zooming ab Version 2.3 )
Raspbian: min. Raspbian 7 (wheezy)


This Fullversion includes the application itself, the needed libraries and the online-help in English and German.

You will get detailed instructions on downloading and installing after selecting the desired operating system.





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